OES2 SP3 (almost) latest patches -

I use xymon (pka hobbit) to monitor status of servers, etc. One use is to display, in one place, essentially, the patch status of servers.

This has been working, reasonably well, allowing for glitches when zen happens to be asleep when the reporting script runs.

Today, when making sure all servers would make nice with nu site after the site, umm, updates, I noticed an oddness.

If I say "rug lu -t patch" I see the "header", the sles4 prep line and the OES line for January updates, on the screen.

However, the file to which I redirect the rug output "rug lu -t patch >> myfile" only contains the "header" and the sles4 pre line.

This does not happen when saying "rug lu >> myfile" I see everything. So to speak.

I have not found a way around, at this point. I am pretty sure it must be an oddness in the rug output, but have not found and tools I can pipe that output thru, that solve the issue.

Hints? Fixes? (latter preferred, of course)

joe a.