We recently upgraded our Mobility installation to 730 and are running Groupwise 8.0.1 on the back end. We use all iOS 5 devices (a mix of iPhone 4s and iPad 2's).

We are experiencing an issue where we cannot forward attachments from the device itself. We can receive attachments with no problem to the devices, but if we try to forward that same message containing the attachment from the phone, the message never reaches Groupwise nor the recipients. The phone reports the message as sent, but it never appears for the recipient nor is the message in the sender's Sent Items folder. We have the same issue if a user is sending an attachment directly from the phone itself, such as a photo or document stored on the phone. I've ensured that both the Mobility and Groupwise connector have a sufficient attachment size (5000KB). I also have a Gmail account on my phone, and I can send attachments with no trouble if I choose the Gmail account as the sending account. Obviously, this issue is a deal-breaker as the inability to send attachments is a large problem. Is there a log I can examine to see where the issue is?

A few other issues I've noticed but are not necessarily deal-breakers:

1) When viewing a message received from a mobile device in the Groupwise client, there is no subject line, despite the fact that a subject is there. Click here for a screenshot of this. However, when actually opening the e-mail, the subject is displayed in the message window. Click here for a screenshot of the previous message opened.

2) When creating a calendar event from the device, the calendar event is synced successfully to the Groupwise calendar. However, if I create a calendar event and invite someone else to the event using the "Invitees" option, the second the other person accepts my invitation, the event disappears from my calendar but remains on the invitees', almost as if I delegated it to them. We've discovered that you must add yourself as an invitee if you're going to create an event where someone in addition to yourself is invited.

Has anyone else experienced these issues? The attachment issue is the biggest problem we have right now - I can live with the other two. Thank you for any assistance you can provide!