I couldn't find anything about this in a search (though I may not have
used the right terms)

We have one user (and only one so far) Windows XP sp2 and bm3xvpn12
that cannot connect to our bm3.8sp4ir5 vpn server.

When he installs the VPN client, he loses his all of his network
access. If he unchecks Novell Virtual Private Network from the Local
Area Connection properties list, then he can access the local network
and internet. As soon as he checks it, he can't. When it isn't
checked, he is able to start the vpn client and he can connect to the
vpn, but we don't receive any traffic (vpn monitor through NRM)

I have 5 other vpn users online right now, so I know that vpn is
working just fine.

Any ideas where to check to see why he loses network access when vpn is
check in the connection properties?
I have had him turn off his firewall, and it doesn't help.