Hi All,

We migrated recently from Exchange to Groupwise. I received this IM from my IT Manager

NS (1:28:55 PM): I just heard something I never thought I would hear.
NS (1:28:57 PM): Ever!
NS (1:29:10 PM): Like this is something you would just never expect to hear
NS (1:29:14 PM): very shocking in fact
NS (1:29:30 PM): If you are not sitting down, I would recommend it, cause it is very shocking
Eric Belcher (1:29:40 PM): i'm sitting
Eric Belcher (1:29:54 PM): I'll also play your silly game
NS (1:30:04 PM): <User> actually likes the new system
NS (1:30:13 PM): and is enjoying learning it
NS (1:30:25 PM): I think she must be having a mid life crisis or something
Eric Belcher (1:30:41 PM): This is Groupwise I assume
NS (1:30:45 PM): yes
Eric Belcher (1:30:53 PM): wonders will never cease
NS (1:31:07 PM): <User> doesn't like change. She doesn't like learning new things, and she is very very particular about her computer
NS (1:31:17 PM): I am really quite amazed
Eric Belcher (1:32:01 PM): I'm posting this!
NS (1:32:19 PM): posting it where?
Eric Belcher (1:32:37 PM): No names ofcourse, on Novell's website
NS (1:32:42 PM): oh right
NS (1:33:10 PM): Oh and she mentioned that she really likes the spell checker in GroupWise
NS (1:33:21 PM): She likes that it gives so many more options for words

It's a nice way to end a week. We started the migration on Monday.