I just installed a new BM3.8 server (NSBS6.6). I followed Craig Johnson's
book (3rd Edtion Rev 1) to set up VPN.

I can set up S2S (BM38 with Linksys), and working fine. But I can't make
C2S working in NMAS mode.

But I can using Backwards Compatibility Mode to logon VPN server.

The system like this:
NW6.5 with SP5 (also with nw65os5a, N65NSS5A and nfsgy655a patch)
BM3.8 with SP4 (also with BM3.8 POST SP4 Interim Release-5)

NW6.5 with two network cards, no NAT before PUBLIC card. Private card link
to Switch.

Anyone can help me please.