hi everyone,

well it's not the first time I ask this question. The answers are never finals. I've just read the ZCM 11 imaging docs, it tells to use sysprep in a base image. If we use sysprep, we have to include a file in the C: to instruct zcm to "not restore mask". But this way, zenworks will never be able to restore the infos about Workstation name on already used machines.... how can we deal with that? I've read that we have to "let sysprep deal with SID changing".... so what, Imaging can't do anymore this part?

If we don't do sysprep, does zen can deal with the SID, workstation name and also, KMD CMID ?? Before Win7, zen was dealing with all this (perhaps except the cmid).

Sysprep is a long process, other to just duplicate machines like in the old days with winxp.

thanks for your help!