Situation: OES11 with 2 RAID devices, 1 for the system (73 GB) and a big one for an NSS-Volume (one 7,34 TB device).
On the server it seems to be all okay, nssmu is showing all values okay and in iManager also.

On the client side all Novell-Clients are showing false or negative values for available free space or purgeable space.
There is no difference between the xp clients with 4.91 SP5 (IR1) or the clients with windows 7 64 bit and Novell Client 2 SP2 (IR1).
So i was curious and made a quota on the volume (1.99 TB) and after that all clients are showing the right values for the volume.
After setting it back to "Allow volume quota to grow to the pool size" in iManager we have the same situation again, Free space -707.341.476K, used space -3.096 KB .
Attributes for the volume are Backup and Salvage.
Is this only a cosmetic issue or do we experience serious problems if the used data size is growing over 2 TB (at the moment we need something around 1.7 TB)?
Any suggestions?

Best regards