Just noticed 32 pending events of which the majority are Event Type (Action):
101:Evaluating Remove Member, and Current State: 2:evaluating user policy.
I'm not sure how to clear those or complete those. 30 of these events are
from user deletes. Two of them are for create user and the action state on
those two are Action: 1: create user, and 10: Verifying paths or waiting
for more paths defined for the poli... Some of the try counts for these events
are in the thousands.

I was running 3.0.2 when I noticed the pending events. I noticed 3.0.3 was
available so I upgraded. I checked that all three NSM services were running
on my SLES10/SP3 box after the upgrade. Server has been restarted. NSM Admin
client was upgraded as well. We are a small school district and have all
three services running on one SLES box (engine, agent, event). I'm not able
to find any errors in places where I know how to look.

All of my user storage (Home directories) are still on one NetWare 6.5SP8