We have a laptop with a KPN UMTS-card. We can authenticate with C/S-VPN on
Bordermanager 3.8 SP4-server (Netware 6.5 SP5), but we can not ping or
telnet to any server out network. What is going wrong?

Additional information:
- A ping is going through the VPN-server. Reply is coming back form our
network but never reaches the laptop (discovered with ethereal on laptop
and pktscan on Bordermanager-server).
In VPN-statistics you only see outgoing encrypted packages
- Same UMTS-card and same user on a different laptop works.
- Using the ethernet-interface with the VPN-client works.
- Deinstalled VPN-client and reinstalled, no result.
- Tried VPN-clients v3.8.10, v3.8.11 (with patch), v3.8.12, no result.
- Reinstalled Windows XP SP2 and VPN-client, no result.
- Disabled Windows XP Firewall on latop, no result.
- Disabled analogue modem on laptop, no result.

Any ideas??

Jeroen van der Klaauw