I am not a GW expert.

We run GW 8.02 on Netware.

On one of our POs we are running low on space. We asked our users to cleanup. Normally I just use the GWMBSize program to find out who is using up space.

For some reason I checked one of the nightly log files to look around. I noticed some numberd msg files such as MSG0.DB,MSG1.DB,MSG2.DB, ect that seem to have alot of space that could be reclaimed. These message files do not seem to go to any users.

The post office has only 24 users (it is at a distant location), but I have many more message db files than users.

The questions are:

1) how do reclaim this space? I know how to do it for indivdual users.

2) are these system files or old dead users accounts?