I have a 3.8 site to site VPN that we upgraded in February. We have 4
locations all setup as Masters. We are running Netware 6.5 SP5, Border
Manager 3.8, Sp4 and SP4_ir3. The VPN ran like a clock until about 2 weeks
ago. I had a problem with the filters at one of the sites. I reapplied all
the service packs, deleted the filters, copied over a backup, migrated them
and the filters then worked fine. I noticed after all that though, that the
VPN goes down now every 5 hours .... I don't know if it is exactly 5 hours,
but close. If I do a reset of the vpn every 4-5 hours, then I never have a
problem. I do this by a ncf file that I have runnning through crontab. It
just unloads ike, vpnmaster, ipflt, filtsrv, then reloads them again. To
try and resolve this I trashed the server. I reinstalled Netware from
scratch using the SP5 overlay, applied TCP661E, installed BM 3.8, SP3, SP4,
SP4_ir5. I migrated the filters back in and all came up fine. 5 hours
later, the VPN wen t down again. So I setup the ncf file again via cron and
all works well again. I checked the ike.log, but I cannot see any
indication of an issue ... of course, I am not really sure what to look
for. Could this be the filters causing this ? If so, why every 5 hours.

Any help would be greatly appreciated