since the dbsrv10 process is consuming 99.9% CPU most of the time, I decided to upgrade ZCM from 10.3.1 to 11 SP1.

Using ZDC to verify the database, it gave me the follwing:
zen:/mnt/diskhttps://www.novell.com/common/tools/zdc # ./zdc_zen11
 _________   ____
|__  /  _ \ / ___|  Novell ZENworks(R)
  / /| | | | |
 / /_| |_| | |___   v 0.8 (11.1.0)
/____|____/ \____|

There was a problem loading a required library (zdcnative).  You may continue wi th user inputs but any passwords you type will be echoed to the console.

+  Starting ZENworks Diagnostic Center.

+  ----------------------------------
   System Information:
+  ----------------------------------
    OS:          SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 64 bit
    Database:    Embedded Sybase
    ZCM Version: 10.3.1

+  Loading configuration.

+  Initializing native libraries.

[!] Could not load native library, native features will be disabled

+  Attempting to connect to database.

+  Connected to the database.

+  Verifying System State.

+  ----------------------------------
   Running 'Database Verifier'.
+  ----------------------------------

+  Verifying ZCM Database metadata.

[!] 2 error(s) found while verifying Columns of Table zZENServerSchedule

+  ZCM Database metadata verification complete.

+  Reports have been saved in '/var/opt/novell/log/zenworks/zdcreports/20120208_ 100906'.

+  System verification complete.
I then took a snapshot of the VM and attempted to run the upgrade, according to the ZENworks 11 Support Pack 1 Upgrade Guide of August 08, 2011 , which at a first glance appeared to come through. The dbsrv was now a dbsrv12, consuming only a minimal amount of CPU, but logging into ZCM showed a rather empty leftside menu, containing only Home, Reports and Configuration, and under Configuration, ZCM was still listed as 10.3.1.

Well, I reverted from the snapshot, so I'm back at square one.

Apparentely '2 error(s) found while verifying Columns of Table zZENServerSchedule' is a major showwstopper.

How should I proceed from here?

Thanks in advance.