I can't use my vpn connection.
In VPM monitor i see only one way traffic.

The server is sbs65sp5 with bm38sp4+ir4

In csaudit I see two lines:
VPN ACLCheck - No Match found in Trusted Master List.
VPN ACLCheck - No Match found in Member List.
I created the access rules: in nwadm32-serverAccesRules-VPn clients allow,
but the connection still doesn't work

My test environment - the client, and server are in local LAN.

What shall I do?

After I installed the VPN and configured client-to site,
when I restart server I can see the following messages several times:
Timesync: Waiting for TCP/IP to be initialized

and the end:

Admin volume startup: error logging the server in = -634
Unable to verify _admin volume object in eDirectory.

NBMLICEMCE MANAGER: NLS licensing servises are unavailable.
Please make sure NLSLSP.NLM is loaded.
Code=C0001003VPTUNNEL is decreasing MTU to 1350 bytes because
of buffer size limitations.

when i installed this configuration into an existing tree,
the timesync was ok as a secondary timesync server.