I made a bundle that copies Firefox to windows 7 downloads folder then it runs it to install or upgrade.

I see in the agent/properties/bundle is showing Available and a check mark in the Effective check box

The file is in the correct place, however Firefox is not installed on this machine
I have rebooted this machine 5-7 times

This is not a tough bundle
delete file

I just got this error

Device Alias: testbox
Device IP Address:
Error: [2/13/12 6:30:33 PM] BundleManager ActionHandlers.FileRemovalActionHandler.SomeFilesN otDeleted ActionHandlers.FileRemovalActionHandler.SomeFilesN otDeleted{File Removal Action;c:\users\user\downloads\*.*}

So it is trying to delete the file but it never ran

the actions are
install files
Launch executable
Delete file

I disable the launch and delete and just did copy
that seemed to at least copy the file

I'm really stumped on this bundle stuff.

1) What is the best choice to install a program, log in or log out
or is there a better choice?

2) What does "Available" mean?
What does a checked "Effective" mean?

3) How long do I have to wait after a reboot for the bundle to run?