Hi question:

I am able to establish the tunnel connection to a BM3.8 server with VPN
Client bm3xvpn12, but can only ping the tunnel ip, not anything on the
If tested with the filters off, no result..

The strange thing I notice is that the policy screen in the VPN client shows
protected networks and and not the "any" network.

Who can help?

Bordermanager 3.8SP4 server running on Netware 6.5 SP5
public ip: (gateway: (NAT dynamic and
static with private to private table ->
private ip:
tunnel ip:
tpc/ip: 6.73.01 (from NW65SP5 TCPD directory)
route (linksys broadband router) ip:, with DMZ option set to

Alle other servers and workstations have as default gateway

* Packet forwarding is enabled on the Bordermanager server