I am currently in the process of deploying ZCM 11.1 agents on machines that have the ZCM 10.3 agent on them that were part of a different realm. Since the 10 agent already exists on the machines I am having to uninstall the agent via logon and logoff scripts. The scripts remove the agent via the ZENworksUninstall.exe and then run the agentcleanup.exe after the system reboots. I can then deploy the new agent and here is where the problem comes in .

On some machines the passive log in is not working and the really strange thing is when passive mode fails the user does not get the second log in box to log in to the zenworks realm. However once they are logged on to the machine they can then go to the agent in the task bar and successfully log in from there.

In our environment we did go from a completely Novell environment slowly to a Microsoft environment. The machines that are having problems have the novell client on them. The client authentication is turned off but the client still resides on the machines. Now not all machines that have the novell client still on them exibit this behavior, however machines that are new enough that never had the novell client on them work with out issue.

Another interesting note is that when uninstalling ZCM 10 agent, on some of the machines with the novell client installed but the authentication for novell turned off, the machines would try to authenticate to the old eDirectory tree. I went into the settings on the novell client and everything was still set to not authenticate but the client was trying to any ways.

What logs should I look at to see why passive mode for ZCM 11 is not working?