G'day all,
I'm having a problem with the BM3xVPN11 (haven't tested others yet)
client and a PostgreSQL application.

When the client is installed (not being used, just installed) and the PC
is connected to the same LAN as the PostgreSQL server (same IP subnet,
same 10/100 switch) data transfer is appallingly slow, on the order of
20 times slower, than when the client is uninstalled.

An inquiry on a PostgreSQL forum pointed the finger at the LSP stack.

Does anyone have a clue as to what may be going on and what I can do
about it?

The machines in question are notebooks that will operate both on the LAN
and remotely. Remote operation will normally be standalone, but VPN
access will eventually be required as additional services are

The main function being affected is a database synchronisation between
the PostgreSQL server and a local copy of the database. The sync. is
designed to be done to the notebook prior to hitting the road, and
resynced after returning to update the server with changes made on the

The update to the notebook is taking 20 minutes plus and the database is
the smallest it will ever be. The same update takes around 2 minutes
when the VPN client is not installed. Netware client is 4.91SP2 plus
all post SP2 updates as of about 8/8/2006