Our master file server has been having this issue for a while now. It will intermittently drop throughout the day. You can't copy large files from the server due these cutouts. Yesterday I updated the firmware for the storage controller and the network card as recommend by others, but it hasn't changed anything. Some days are worse than others. When it drops, you can't access the volumes, Imanager, or anything. If you try accessing it a few more times, then it will come back up and you can get in to your files fine until the next drop. Another issue we are having is that our Windows 7 machines are having a hard time mapping to this drive. We usually have to get to the desktop and then try logging in a few times before it maps. Even after it is mapped, it seems to drop a lot more often with the Windows 7 machines. When it is down, it shows NCFSD below the drive. The other file servers never drop out on a Win7 machine.

The master file server that is having the trouble is a HP Proliant DL380 G6. The other servers that are configured the same way are also HP Proliant boxes but not sure which model exactly except that they are older than the G6. They don't seem to have any issues with cutting out or being mapped on Windows 7 machines. Each server is SLES 10 OES2 SP3.

I'm very new to managing Edirectory. Is there logs on the server somewhere that may help explain what is causing this issue?