We have been having some odd issues with the application launcher. Randomly, a user will log into a computer and the ZCM splash screen stays up for much longer that it should, and when the launcher eventually comes up, its missing all bundles. All thats there is an empty window. You can't even go the the menu on the launcher and log in directly to zenworks. All of the menu options are blank and you have to restart the computer repeatedly to get it to work right. Usually 3-5 restarts take care of it. After that it might work for a few days or a few weeks, but the problem shows up sporadically on any computer.

One really weird thing that seems to help is to have a user log off when it happens. Then instead of restarting, they blank out the username, and retype in their username and password. If they do that, it almost always works that next time. But, its still not a reliable fix.

Has anyone else seen this issue or have any insight into what might be happening?

We are using Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 and zenworks 10.3.3 and also had the issue with 10.3.1 before we upgraded.