Hi All,

I've got a customer who has recently been moved from GW 7 on Netware to GW8 on OES2 Linux, during the migration we also moved their DMS libraries.We used the process outlined in the Caledonia Guide to Moving GroupWise, doing an initial copy then an incremental come migration weekend.
The process completed without reporting errors, however the AV was still running on the source server at the time of the first copy pass but was turned off before the incremental and document copy. Users are reporting issues with documents created/accessed/modified on the Thursday and Friday before migration, issues include incorrect documents being returned and documents missing. Seeing this is a production system users have since added more documents.
After the copy process, we had to rebuild the DMS database and perform an upper to lower case conversion on some of the database folders in order to see the document libraries. Once we had done this the libraries were visible ans we could access them. Also we found that even though we used the switch on the dbcopy to convert all to lower case, a small percentage remained upper case. Apparently this can happen in some instances from what I read in these forums and we had to utilise a case convert utility.

Interestingly the file system for DMS has both lib001a with files in it and lib001A with the correct file structure but no files (entire lib001A reports a 0 file size, lib001a is 3+ gb)

What are our options moving forward given that the system is up and has been in use for a couple of weeks?
- Are we able to run the DB copy again, or will this over write newer documents.
- Can we repeat the migration into a new document store, then manually move the effected documents over
- Run up a new groupwise instance and repeat the migration again then export documents and import into the production GW.
- Can we create a new library on the new GW environment and point it to the old DMS file location to bring over missing documents?

Thanks in advance