I was trying to create a C2S VPN and could not get the netware login
working so I disabled IP RIP and I disabled the IP binding to an interface
card which was not in use (this turned out to be the default IP Address of
the server). I subsequently discovered that a different SLPDA server was
not running the DA which also caused some problems. All replicas are OK.
Time is not syncronised.

Suddenly iManager stopped saving the VPN details which I changed them and
gave a VPN server not saved message. This turned out to be a timesync
problem which was doing nothing (secondary time server).

I then found the following errors which had appeared on startup:

Admin Volume Startup: error logging the server in = -634
Unable to vertify _admin volume object in eDirectory
Timesync not working : waiting for IP to initialize (many times)
then Timesync loaded without TCP/IP support

Can anybody tell me what I did wrong? I have tried many things to see if I
can get it back into life but so far nothing has had any effect.

Thank you

Max Dale