Hi, I am installing my first ever SLES 11, OES 11 server into my tree. I have setup the new server and I have moved to the Migrate ID stage. First stage is to move my NSS volumes from the Source Server to the Target server.

The New Target server is a no name brand server with an NVIDIA RAID5 hardware controller.
Currently I have 3 1TB hard drives and 1 250GB Hard Drive. We have installed the /, /boot and the swap as well as the SLES and OES on the 250GB hard drive.
We configured the 3 1TB Hard drives with the Hardware controller into a RAID 5 1.82TB device.
When I run NSSMU, it does not show me the 1.82TB drive, I only see the 3 1TB drives.
In NSSMU I did a software RAID5 configuration and used a large chunk of the drives for this (not all, I always like to leave room for expansion)
I then created my pool and my volumes.
I have glacial data transfer to my new volumes using the transfer ID tool and the server will appear to and actually lock up at random. After running like this for aprox 24 HRS, trying to move aprox 120Gigs of data we have put the project on hold to research what is going on.

Question 1) Why is NSSMU not seeing the hardware Raid5 configuration?
Qusetion 2) is the hardware/software RAID5 causing me the slow data transfer issues?

Thanks for any help you can give me.