I work from home and have been happily using the BM3.7 Client for maybe
two years. My company has upgraded the server to BM3.8 and required me to
do the same with the client.

For my home network (several PCs) I use a Linux 2.6 firewall. The BM3.8
client fails to connect to the BM3.8 server in NMAS mode, but works fine
connecting to the BM3.7 server in compatibility mode. (However, the BM3.7
server will soon go away.) When it fails to connect to the BM3.8 server,
after about 5 minutes I get "Failed receiving server DH public value".

The Company's IT department is giving me the cold shoulder because of
my "non standard" firewall. Any suggestions as to how to resolve this
problem would be appreciated. I will provide any details I can.