First netware to linux migration, This is proving to not be as straightforward as I had hoped..

Anyway. Source = nw6sp5, Dest = Sles10sp4 Oes2sp3

Using the miggui tool. I selected to configure the DHCP service. on the target options tab, I've filled out all of the fields except for "service name".. what is this? should this be an object that already exists? If so, I don't see it when I browse. or do I have to manually create/type something (like what?) in?

Also, I'm going to be doing a Transfer ID but from what I've been reading in some posts, it seems like some things don't change to the name of the old server? any gotchas?

Should/can the DHCP migration be done under "consolidate" mode, be up and running, then do the Transfer ID process?

Documentation isnt entirely clear on this stuff. Thanks