The latest update keeps failing with a PostSQL failure because we have a $ in the password for our datasync_user.

I followed this TID regarding the special characters in a datasync_user password - ERROR "psql: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "datasync_user"" while running for Mobility Pack 1.2 - 7009062
The DB fails to start. Our NDS Mobility server is a VM so I was able to revert back prior to the changes each time.

I went through the Database user password change in the NDS mobility guide and changed the datasync_user password using only letters and numbers and updated the mobility connector password using the new password. Once I did this our phones would not connect. I had to revert back to the latest VM snapshot again.

I know the problem with the update is because of the password we are using with the $ in it. How can I change the password so I can get this updated?

I even thought of just creating a new NDS Mobility server with the latest build.

I appreciate any suggestions.