Gentlemen, sorry that I asked a question before and now see that you were debating it while I failed to check back in, since my first post I went ahead and did the upgrade to 6.0 and installed the SP5. Actually wasn't too bad to do. But the new Server still can't find this server on the network even though I have installed what I belive to be the most recent Server 2008 R2 Client on that new server. The part that gets me is that every PC on the network can see both servers but the servers don't seem to see each other. Truth is I don't know exactly what I want but this old server for but it is an IBM has bee a flawless workhorse that has never missed a days work, has about 1 tb on six raid drives and a tape backup that still works well, I'm thinking that I can back files from the windows server 2008 to it and then onto tape in sections and get them out of the building. We are a construction company and we take alot of pictures and scan alot of documents, so I'm sure you guys know that they just take space we don't need them often but we can't lose them either this seemed like a plan without haveing to pay for bigger online backup service. So today the question is,,,,,,

Why can't that New Windows Server 2008 R2 see or find the Novell 6.0 SP5 Server on the network, (the pcs find both but the Win server can't find the Novell server)?