I am using an external Oracle server (11g). As per instructions on pg 40

"Set up the database externally before installing the Primary Server: This option is
especially useful if your database administrator is not the same as your ZENworks
administrator. Detailed information about this method is provided in this section."

I had the DB admin create the schema before the installation began.

On page 42 of the zen11_installation PDF, the instructions for installing an External Oracle Database , step 2a states....

2a "On the server where you want to install the external database, insert the Novell ZENworks 11 SP1 installation DVD."

I read this as inserting the DVD on the Oracle host server (which is linux OS)and then running sh /media/cdrom/setup.sh -c command as per step 2c (my primary server is on Linux as well.)

The script runs, I'm prompted for the language, I choose English then the script continues. It only takes about 45 seconds, no other input prompts, no errors then it finishes and returns to the prompt. Done.

Then I go to my first Primary server, run the install, it finds and connects to the external DB. No problems.

The thing is, My Oracle DB admins want to know exactly what is being done when I run the script on their Oracle Host server. I'm really not sure as I rebuilt my lab and the DB server, had the DB admnin set up the schema. But this time I did not run anything on the Oracle Host server, I skipped that, just did the install on my Primary and was able to run the installation with no issues.

So what does the install on the Oracle Host actually do? Nothing? Any insite would be appricated.