Okay, so ZCM has some really neat features like I can make one Bundle and do many things with it.

What I'd LIKE to do:

Have a single bundle using the content repo
I uploaded 7 files for Flash Player 11 (there's 2 MSI Files for IE, 2 MSI files for FF, the mms.cfg file, and 2 diff. .exe uninstallers)

I uploaded those as the "install MSI" action

Perhaps not the best idea now that I think about it.

Anyway, I was going to put an action of "launch executable" and have it run the uninstaller (since it's a .exe)
then the MSI install kicks in
and then Install file (so it plops the mms.cfg file on the system)

Now, the last two items are okay, but the first one is where I have trouble

It seems that my only real choice is to install the .exe file first (so really a "pre" first action) so the .exe is deployed from the content repo to "somewhere" on the pc, and then do a 2nd action that actually launches the .exe and then actions 3&4 will be the MSI and .cfg file. So I'll end up with 2 copies of the .exe on the machine (unless I put yet another action in that deletes the copied file).

Or is there some magic way (don't think so yet) to run the .exe from the cache that's deployed on the PC?