We are still having this issue - with ldap contextless login set

Tid 7006626:

the client can login within 30 seconds without the listed error code (specifically Error code: 0x800789FC ) - with NO ldap contextless login

As soon as we enable - LDAP CONTEXTLESS LOGiN - it all fails again

Actually it fails almost immediately with error - The tree or server cannot be found - Error code: 0x800789FC - usually 5 seconds
Even if we set the connection timeout to 40 seconds
pre-populate the tree and search contexts
Windows registry:
"Max Retries Boot Threshold" - has no bearing either with the contextless login set...

Client currently is version 2Sp2IR1 - tried earlier versions as well

Can anyone verify/reproduce the same error ?

Anyone know of a tid or work around - other than telling the user to wait?

thanks Joe