Having had help to get round my timesync error my C2S VPN authenticated
and logged me in. Everything appeared to work well. So I configured my VPN
to allow users other than Admin to login, and I logged another user in
through the same laptop. That worked as well.

Since then I have been completely unable to login again as any user. All I
get is a Tree or server cannot be found message. I have SLP configured. No
IPX, No IP RIP. I have tried changing the default server to the BM server
from the usual server. No difference. It's BM3.8 SP4. I have upgraded to
VPN client 3.12 overlayed with Novell Client 4.91SP2 + PSP2C + NWFS3.

I have rebooted the server which did not go down elegantly. It would not
respond to a stopvpn correctly. But it came back up again after I turned
it off. No difference.

I wonder why this is so complicated. Any help much appreciated.

Max Dale