Hi folks,
we have a strange situation where users are unable to delete files from nss volumes. When a user deletes a file on win7 the file disappears from explorer, when explorer is refreshed it reappears. On XP and OSX users receive an error about permission. This seems to only be when the user is getting permissionís from a group. If the user is added as a trustee with full rights then they can delete. However if the user doesnít have direct rights, but is a member of a group that has full access then they can not delete files. We have tried creating a new group to assign permissions, but the result is the same. Checking inherited rights and filters, you can see the rights are inherited. In console one the effective rights also show they are all there. Despite Edir thinking the user has rights, they can not delete. The problem persists across platforms, so I donít believe the problem is client related.

The file server in question is an SLE10 sp3 OES 2 sp3 running on VMware. The client machines are using Novell Client 2 sp1, also tested sp2.