I use BorderManager and VPN for year now. But the problem I have is
really strange:
One of our useres is in China for some time. He has a FTTH (fibre to the
house - very fast!) line at home to attach to our site. The connection is
established over a WAN dial connection. A modem with user password etc.
was set up by the provider on his laptop running Windows XP SP2. The
physical connection is made over a LAN cable from the laptop to a "black
box" on the wall.
The actual BorderManager VPN client software is installed. A connection
between the laptop and our site is working. That means the VPN connection
is active! He can ping all our local ip addresses and I can ping his
laptop in China.
Now there comes the problem: When the Windows Remote Desktop is opened
the user enters the IP address of the Terminal Server and selects to
connect to the server ... but nothing happens. After some time the
connection fails because of "not enough licenses ...". But this ist not
possible. On the same laptop the user now connects to a local provider by
a normal telephone line and everything (VPN, ping AND Remote Desktop)
works fine!

I have checked all settings. They are all the same for the FTTH line and
the telephone line! On the FTTH line all ports are free (because of 2010
UDP) I was told by the provider. The routing table is OK, too.
There were 2 guys working for 6 hours to find the problem with that FTTH
line in China.

We have many useres connecting to our site using BM VPN and the Remote
Desktop - it works all the time!

Is there perhaps someone out there who has an idea?

Thanks very much.
Jens-Peter, Germany, CNE5