What is the proper way to change the admin password. We had a admin leave that knows this info and I need to change it. I changed it in edir but after the change all hell broke loose. Mostly with DNS and DCHP and Zenworks 11. After I changed the password I rebooted the zenworks server witch is also the dhcp and dns server. The dhcp service would not start so I reran the novell-dhcp setup and got that portion to start. Then DNS stopped responding although it was started with no errors. I then changed the zenworks edir authentication users password which seamed to connect and I was able to browse through the users with zen 11 . The issue can when users on client machines tried to login. They were able to authenticate past the novell client but then the zen client would pull up and additional pop up for there username and password again. If you enter the info again it would not authenticate past it. I have a feeling this was related to the DNS service not responding but I am not sure on that. I am running oes 2 sp3 sles 10 sp 4 fully patched.