First problem was, that the upgrade changed the name of the ethernet
interfaces from eth-id-MA:CA:DR:ES:S0 to eth0, eth1, ... but this
change was not reflected in the /etc/sysconfig/network/routes file nor
in the /etc/sysconfig/dhcpd file, which led to connection problems
during install and let dhcpd not come up. It's really nasty to search
for those errors in the middle of an upgrade - especially if you are
sitting with your admin PC on one of the routed subnets and not on this
server's LAN.

Next problem was, that the install introduced into pre_ndsd_stop a line
for killing edirmon although edirmon is not automatically loaded on
start of ndsd. This had the "nice" effect, that ndsd did not shutdown
gracefully on shutdown of the server. As in my experince edirmon is no
service, that runs routinely on all edir servers, the introduction of
this line seems very strange to me. But yes edirmon is existing on that
server and was used at some time in the past to measure ndsd problems.

But now everything seems to work, even GWIA and GW MTA without problems.

W. Prindl