I have a lot of PCs and Users with incorrect display of primary user and primary workstation. On each workstations with wrong user I can see in the properties of the ZCM Agent the wrong user and it is never updated.

I already modified the settings in - Configuration - Device Management - Primary User ... and Primary Workstation. Currently I have a Calculation of - Usage (greatest login time) - Reset after 2 Days - and it is NOT blocked due to settings on a ZENworks folder.

Where can i reset this user/workstation? In Registry or in a ZENworks Configuration file on each machine? I even have PCs which show locally "Nicht verfŁgbar" (not available) but show old users in ZCC.

We are running ZCM 10.3.4 with only Win7 64bit workstations and Server W2k8r2 with an MS-SQL DB