we have a curios situation, we have 3 VPN-Clients installed.
The worked for a long time. But now we have only one use how can
use the vpn. On the other logins two we have have a problem.
On a (properly working) VPN-client: the Tree will go to green, then a
policy error comes up, stop the VPN-client.

I have test following:
- reset the password of such a user
- Check the roles for VPN-Client (one group)
- remove and add the user to this vpn-client-group
- add a second vpn-clinet-role only for this user
(and put on the top of group-policy)
- set the User admin-equ.

not it does still not work...
we are using BM 3.7 Sp3 on NW 6.0 SP4(soon5)