Since upgrading to GroupWise 2012 staff have been complaining that they aren't always able to print an e-mail with the 'to and 'from' details showing above the message content.

This is restricted to HTML mails but not all.
Sometimes the icon for plain text view for the problem mails is greyed out.
I have been able to print the mails with a header on occasions by selecting the 'file' 'attachment' 'view' view and printing this.

Prior to version 8 we had printing issues, differences between plain text and HTML printing, very small fonts etc, which seriously hacked off the user base, drowning out any good new features
of the updated client back then.

So although this may sound like a trivial issue If anyone knows of a quick fix for I'd be very happy... if not our users will most probably be grabbing their pitchforks and lighting their torches and going mob happy
at the IT Dept again...