We are running GW 802 Hp3 on a SLES10 Sp3 box.
I am trying to configure IMAP to work but not having much luck.
Our GWIA is in a DMZ and port 143 has been opened. We've Nat'ed the IMAP port from GWIA agent to the internet.

Whenever I try to access access/set up my email via imap, I'm unsuccessful. Shows error LOGIN GROUPWISE LOGIN FAILED in the GWIA logs.
I've seen this TID 7004017, but it's not of much use as we have our internet addressing set up properly on both the GWIA and POA and are trying to use the preferred address format userid@domain.com.
The default class of service also allows IMAP4 for everyone. IMAP4 service is enabled as well.
Our POA links are all C/S.

I've also tried to telnet to our GWIA on port 143 and try to login, unsuccessfully. Again, the error is NO LOGIN GROUPWISE LOGIN FAILED.

I've scoured the net with no real luck. If anyone has any suggestions??