Hello all,

My Zenworks 11.1a installed on Windows 2008R2 Standard and I installed the patches as following:

ZCM/ZPM 11.1 Patch Management server update 1

ZCM 11.1 - device reconciliation fix - see TID 7009362

ZCM 11.1 - Patch Management Agent Update 2

ZCM 11.1 - ZESM 11.1.140 update

ZCM/ZAM 11.1 January 12 PRU x86-64 x86

ZCM 11.1 Grant administrator privilege to user during installation fix - see TID 7009487

ZCM 11.1 fix for RDP session crash - see TID 7009593

Some of the patches are not shown license to accept and after the bundle created, there are no device show in assignment for the bundle, any idea?

Also if I download the patch from Microsoft manually, I can install it by myself.