Hi Admins,

since several weeks we have a strange issue with some Postoffices. In our headquarter we have about 800 Mailboxes running on a SLES10/OES2 clusternode. The POA is running well, nobody has a problem with his mailbox.

I ran gwcheck on POA-Level via ConsoleOne: Action "Analyze/Fix", all Checkboxes checked. The result has a lot of entrys (counted with grep: 790) like this:

Checking user = PingOLD (rqw) 826/1023 - 0 bytes,
Database not found- /media/nss/GW/grpwise/poold/ofuser/userrqw.db

and 105 user databases they were checked at the same path without an error, only a warning: "Warning- FileFind error 0x8200" among some gwcheck output.

If I have a look at the filesystem (nss) I can find all user???.db files, comparing attributes with "ls -hal" or "attrib" gives the same result for each userdatabase file. Because of "Client/Server Connection Only", there are no files locked.

Now I ran gwcheck via ConsoelOne on the above user, the same Options, the same Action, but only for the user. Here, gwcheck can find the database. Have a look on a part of the logfile:

Checking user = pingold (rqw / 5) 130048 bytes, 02/22/12 08:30 (Oldesloe Ping [])
- Current time 10:47:26 am
STRUCTURAL VERIFICATION of database /media/nss/GW/grpwise/poold/ofuser/userrqw.db
Verifying data
Problem 39- Unknown file userrqw.dba - 134144 bytes, 02/22/12 08:29
- File is too recent- will not be deleted
- Database is structurally consistent
Warning- FileFind error 0x8200
Reducing database /media/nss/GW/grpwise/poold/ofuser/userrqw.db

Afterwards I thought the problem has been fixed and I ran a AuditReport for our Postoffice, because the last POA-gwcheck took about 6 hours of time.

Audit report for user (PingOLD) on database /media/nss/GW/grpwise/poold/ofuser/userrqw.db
Database not found- /media/nss/GW/grpwise/poold/ofuser/userrqw.db

Unfortunately the same mess ...

Someone knows whats going on? Where is the problem and what do you suggest to try next?

Regards from northern germany
Hardy alias haddoc