We are running in to a problem with a reporting application. I'm sure it's
a poorly written app that doesn't use disk calls efficiently but the problem
still exists.

Here are some speed tests we've done, running the same report from the same
PC. Other PCs show similar times, so it is nothing special about that
particular device. The AD and OES devices are in the same data center, so
the same WAN and networking paths are used.

AD Windows 2008 volume share: 11 minutes
AD Windows 2003 volume share: 13 minutes
OES 2 sp3 clustered NSS volume accessed via Novell client 48
OES 2 sp2 NSS volume accessed via Novell client: 45 minutes
OES 2 sp3 clustered NSS volume access via CIFS (Novell client
uninstalled): 20 minutes

What can I do to get my OES servers to have similar performance to the
Microsoft servers? The client is Windows XP sp3.

We can deal with a little performance difference but with the report running
that much faster on MS servers isn't a ringing endorsement of the Novell

Ideas? TIDs? Client or server tweaks?


Todd Bowman
Senior Network Analyst
University of Minnesota Physicians