We are in the middle of converting a site from GW8 to GW2012. At this point we have the following configuration:

Server 1 - OES (was Netware until this past weekend)
MTA: 2012
GWIA 2012
Webaccess 2012
Post office 2012

Server 2 - Netware
Post office v8
Web access v8

Employees with post offices on server 2 have not been able to import documents (using the Windows v8 Client) to their mailbox since we converted the MTA. When they do so they now receive the message:

GroupWise Error (c05d)
An error while importing: E:\Office\Document\Program\CLA\Staff\Schedule February 2012.doc

Interestingly, nothing has changed on the server they are connecting to (still a v8 client connecting to a v8 post office).

Most of the articles I've found about this error message (c05d) suggest a naming conflict after migrating a post office from Netware to OES. However, the post office in question has not changed so I'm not sure this would apply.

Any ideas?

Bob Haussmann, Ph.D.
Tabor Children's Services Inc.