After the previous netware administrator left the company unexpectedly care of our Netstorage server has fallen to me. Of course, I have very little working knowledge of Netware, so this has been a tad difficult.

Our Netstorage server stopped accepting SFTP logins, a problem which I fixed by discovering that it was a corrupt rootcert or something like that . I followed these steps and people can login via SFTP again.

Now when they login, their home directories do not map correctly. The FTP client simply tells me
Current Directory is /Student_Server/StudentHome/users/j/joe
CWD /Student_Server/StudentHome/users/j/joe/public_html
no such file or directory - read/write/access error
Error loading directory
A quick look at my sftp-server.log showed an error of:
opendir failed errno = 1

I have verified that the directory exists and has the right permissions. After this I'm lost and I'm not sure where I need to look next.

Any suggestions?