Help guys, I'm cleaning up a typical DNSDHCP locator issue created by someone who installed a second locator object. I thought I had migrated everything correctly to create on DNSDHCP locator for Netware DHCP to use. The DNS/DHCP Console and iManager are seeing the DHCP(Netware) server and my other OES Linux DNS+DHCP.

However, when I attempt to modify the DHCP options on a Netware subnet, the Available DHCP options is completely blank. I can't select any of them at all. The OES Linux side is showing all the normal options like 3 for Router, 6 for DNS, etc.

Does anyone know what is missing, is there an attribute missing from one of the Netware objects. A screenshot would show my DHCP (Netware) showing my subnet with an address range under it and an open Other DHCP Options Tab->Modify->Modify DHCP Options window open with both the 'Available DHCP Options' and 'Selected DHCP Options' blank.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. -Nyle