Environment: GW 8.0.2, Groupwise client 8.0.2/8.0.3, Novell clients 4.91
SP5 IR1 (+post IR1 patches). NMAS and Universal password are in place.

Issue: After user password expires and gets changed the Groupwise client
starts to cause intruder lockout. Same happens in Online and Caching
mailbox mode. User is able to login to client ok but after that
"something" starts to throw in wrong passwords what causes the account
to finally get locked. Problematic users are able to use the webaccess
just fine. If user moves to another PC the issue "normally" follows the
user to that PC (not in 100% of cases), sometimes if user goes from XP
machine to Win7 the issue disappears, sometimes not.. :)

It does not happen to all of the users who change the password.

The problem started quite the same time we implemented Universal
password policies and enabled NMAS on novell clients. We have tested to
disable the NMAS ans UP from some containers, and asked the problematic
users to change pwd but this does not help.

Novell support have been asking us to do POA rebuilds etc.. with no help.

Any ideas would be appreciated..