Hi all,

I thought I had user moves in the bag with IdM, but I've come across a common problem.

When I move my users via IdM, GroupWise loses track of where they are and, therefore, they cannot login. It's the common LDAP Error 32 - No such object. The only two fixes I am aware of are to manually disassociate then associate the accounts or enter a FQDN in the LDAP Authentication of the user under the GroupWise Tab (not sure if I've got this latter to work, tho there are TIDS that say it's a solution). I understand how C1 plugins manage these moves for and sync the GW location attribute(s) to the eDir user DN.

I'm wondering if there is a simple fix and what your thoughts might be? In my case, I have about 8,000 accounts that aren't in IdM. I'm moving them to a scoped OU using C1 for IdM to see and sort them based on certain attributes. It's this second stage where their accounts get broken and I have to manually associate them with GroupWise (GW). I suspect it's the GW Network ID and/or Distinguished Name attributes that aren't updated and I would love to know of some way to update them globally, even it was some wonky LDIF import (tho I suspect I can't do that to a GW DB) or something. This is a one-time deal, i.e., new accounts are created in IdM. It's the 8K older accounts I need to bring into the fold. I'm just hoping there's some global thing, sort of a search and replace utility I could run to do this en-masse.

A little more info.: These student accounts are spread across 6 Post Offices.

Thanking you for any insights you may have!