Hey all,

Configuring DHCP on OES11 in a test environment. I don't quite understand the concept behind the following:

LDAP method = Static or Dynamic (Default is Static)

Select Static if you do not want the DHCP server to query the LDAP server for host details. Select Dynamic if you want the DHCP server to query for host details from the LDAP server for every request. Selecting the dynamic LDAP method ensures that the responses you receive to queries are accurate, but the server takes a longer time to respond.

1) If I were to select Dynamic, what kind of information would I be getting from the LDAP server regarding host details?
2) Is it useful info that I would want?
3) How would this info help me? What will it do for me? What would I do with this info?
4) What's everybody else doing regarding this setting?