I have been testing out Linked Application Bundles that last few days. I have not been able to get them to work.

1. I have a Preboot bundle with a image and a linked bundle action. The App bundles does have the "Add-On Image File" created and assigned to our imaging server.
2. The test computer (XP) is assigned the preboot bundle and starts to image at PXE boot.
3. When the computer reboots, we have a script that runs (its on the image) that joins the domain, reboots, then installs the ZEN agent then reboots again. (there are pauses to allow hardware detection to finish)
4. All of that works fine, but no bundle is installed. I see nothing in the %zenworks_home%/work/addons location.

This direction in the documentation is not clear to me:
"The content of the linked application bundle is deployed from the device local add-on imaging path (%ZENWORKS_HOME%\work\addons\ on Windows) based upon the deployment schedule of the user or device assignment, which is added to the application bundle." Link

Does this mean that I have to associate the bundle to the device that is being imaged AND give is an Assignment Detail? (like a launch or distribute schedule?)

I have tested with the App bundle associated to the device and with having a Distribution Schedule set. Neither got the bundle installed as a linked app bundle.

The bundle is a "Install MSI" bundle so all the data should be in ZCM. We have ZCM 11 sp1.

Any ideas? comments?