We are currently upgrading a financial software in our organization and this software is running from a Novell share for the ressources files. Since this upgrade it takes about 3-4 mins before the program starts. The representative from this compagny says that it is due to Novell Filesystem...

We validated this theory by doing the share on a Windows server (SAMBA) and we had no problem with it.

The current patch is that we have to copy localy two ressources files on every computers that use this software.
Theses files are .obj files that are actually zip files with no compression that contains each about 85000 files +

We tried a few settings with the Novell Client... like file caching and other caching settings... but had no luck with it...

So is there really a problem with the novell filesystem ?

Can we change any settings to fix this in remote manager or imanager ?

Thank you