I am trying to use Checkpoint vpn client to access third party vpn.
We have bordermanager 3.6 running on netware 5.0 and are using nat.
We cannot connect unless I unload all filters.

Their isp told me that i have to set up these filters:

TCP/264 (Topology Download)

IPSEC and IKE (UDP and TCP on port 500)

UDP 2746 (UDP encapsulation)

FW1_scv_keep_alive (UDP port 18233)---- used for SCV kep-alive packets

FW1_pslogon_NG (TCP port 18231)---- used for SecureClient's logon to
Policy Server protocol

FW1_sds_logon (TCP port 18232)----used for SecureClient's Software
Distribution Server download protocol

tunnel_test (UDP port 18234) ---- used by Check Point tunnel testing

How do I add these filters as far as interface and source and destination?